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Cartier is a French luxury goods multinational company. The company designs, manufactures, distributes and sells jewelry and watches.

The Cartier Brand was founded by Louis Cartier in the year 1847 and is headquartered at Paris, France. Founded in 1847, Cartier is one of the most desired makers of fine jewelry and timepieces in the world. It has a legendary reputation of its brand name and shows no sign of declining since its inception.

The Cartier Family Empire:

The luxury brand Cartier is one of the world’s most successful family dynasties. French goldsmith Louis-Francois Cartier founded it in 1847 in Paris. Later his son Alfred joined the company in the year 1872 and then he came up with the first Cartier shop on Rue de la Paix in 1899. But the brand became an internationally acclaimed one, after Alfred’s three sons, Louis, Pierre, and Jacques joined the company. They proved to be the strong pillars of Cartier and took it round the world in style. Jacques took over the London by opening his shop at New Burlington Street, Pierre took Cartier to New York and Louis remained at his hometown Paris heading its functional operations.

Cartier – The King of Jewelry & The Jewelry of the King:

The Cartier Brand has had a luxurious and prestigious history being the favorite brand, which adorned the royal dynasty of many countries. The artisans and designers at Cartier not just designed jewelry but also came out with innovative and unique designs each time.

Few Facts About Cartier Jewelry:

  • Louis Cartier was the first to successfully use platinum in jewelry making.
  • Cartier was the first and foremost watchmaker to innovate and popularize the concept of wristwatch at a time when there was a widespread thought that gentlemen use only pocket watches. He pioneered this idea after a pilot friend of Cartier complained about the difficulty in using pocket watches while in flight.
  • Jewelry ranges of Cartier were given a great remark by King Edward VII of England as “Jeweler of Kings and King of Jewelers”.

Designer Replicas and Cartier

Cartier is a brand that high profile celebrities swear by. The brand name makes an appearance in hip-hop song lyrics, and iconic stars like Beyonce are known to swear by this jeweler’s range of pieces that define elegance and individuality. To this world, how does a replica measure up?

For starters when you pay such high prices for jewelry and something were to happen to it, you feel the pinch because it is hard earned money that’s taking the hit. And it doesn’t matter if you have plenty to spare.

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